Successful start of the CowSignals® online trainings in India

In India last month, HollandDoor started the first online CowSignals® advisor trainings. We organized these trainings online together with the Dutch Embassy in Delhi and the NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) with many members in the different Indian states. The participants were all professionals from NDDB and from related dairy organizations in India. The online trainings are part of the K2K program, supported by RVO in the Netherlands.
The program lasted 3 weeks and offered a lot of practical videos and assignments. HollandDoor and CowSignals® Training Company together guided the participants through this virtual dairy farming practice, with the focus on cows. The participants were very (re)active and enthusiastic about this online training. As CowSignals® advisors, they are now able to teach and advice the dairy farmers in India in the different states on CowSignals®.
There are two more online CowSignals® advisor trainings already planned by HollandDoor in India in 2020.
For more information, please contact Ad Merks. He is also experienced in beef cattle and can assist you on BeefSignals for feedlots as well.
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