HollandDoor meets Indian Agro Industry at the Krushik 2018

HollandDoor participated from 19-22 January 2018 for the second time at the Krushik Expo organized by the Agricultural Development Trust and KVK Baramati. More than 200,000 people from all over India and abroad, visited this annual event. Farmers, agro industry representatives, government officials, educational organizations​ and ​the ​community gained information about the latest technological developments and the results of research work. In the new Dutch greenhouses of the Center of Excellence (an Indian–Dutch collaboration) all visitors could experience in practice the positive impact that innovation can have.
HollandDoor informed - also on behalf of Patron Agri SystemsHortimax and Van Hall Larenstein, University of applied sciences - many stakeholders about the benefits of Dutch technology and the importance of innovation and knowledge in order to improve the entire supply chain. We were supported by local agricultural students in this job. During our conversations with visitors we noticed that India is rapidly moving forward in the agricultural food production. Many new initiatives are implemented in a short period like:​ working together in farmer groups (more and more common​)​, use of agro app-applications and the opening of the Center of Excellence with modern technology. And there is a growing awareness of the importance of sustainable and safe food production.

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