Successful first Sino-Dutch tree nursery training

Since 2015 we organized every year a two-week business tour for Chinese tree nursery companies. The initiator on the Chinese side is Mr. Wang Jianming, the owner of Handan City Qicaiyuanlin Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd. Over the last four years we have become trusted partners. During the June 2018 study tour, we developed together the first plans to start a tree nursery training program in China as a next step. The training program should be a Sino-Dutch cooperation with input from experts from both countries. At first the main focus should be on practical knowledge on several aspects of tree nursery growing. We decided not to put lots of time into the preparation of a curriculum of training subjects, but to start hands-on with the first three-day training to see how this would work out.


On 7, 8 and 9 December 2018, we organized the first Sino-Dutch Tree Nursery Training in the city of Handan in the province Hebei. During the three training days, the 58 trainees were very interested and eager to learn. The trainers were Mr. Henk Raaijmakers (president of the Dutch Tree Nurserystock Association and vice-president of the European Nurserystock Association), Mr. Wang Jianming (Handan City Qicaiyuanlin Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd.) and Mr. Ruud Pothoven (HollandDoor). The translations during the training were done by Ms. Han Kun (KunHan Consultancy).


In the evaluation, almost all trainees gave the training the highest score of 5. This was no surprise after the three intensive training days with such an interested audience! After this first try-out, we already received requests for more trainings in other Chinese provinces, as well as for extra study tours to the Netherlands. We have already started preparations for both. The final aim is to develop an integrated program of trainings and study tours for the Chinese tree nursery sector.


Are you interested in developing a similar program for your country or agricultural sector in which you can make use of all available knowledge of Dutch agricultural and horticultural experts?

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