Bangladesh government continues to study Dutch agribusiness

In 2018, HollandDoor organized at the request of Kernel International, based in Dhaka Bangladesh, three short tailor-made study tours for the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh on themes such as “Mechanized Cropping”; “Vegetable Grading” and “Fruit production and processing”. 


The experiences in 2018 resulted in new study tours in 2019. In the spring of this year, two short study tours were also organized, one with the theme “Improved irrigation and water management technology” and another one focusing on “IPM, impact of climate change and possibilities of floating agriculture” both of which have already been published (read more).


In July we organized another short study tour for the Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture, but this time for the Department of Agricultural Marketing. This department is responsible for the pricing and quality policy as well for different trademarks of Bangladesh. This time the study tour focused on the theme “Best practices for agricultural products marketing system”. Several growers and growers’ collectives were visited.


In October again a short study tour was organized for the Ministry of Agriculture, but now with the theme “Irrigation Optimization Techniques by using Surface Water”. In some areas of Bangladesh, the ground water levels are dropping and the Ministry is studying strategies to use more surface water resources for irrigation to replace soil water usage.


The general objective of these tailor-made study tours is to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of Dutch agribusiness, especially Dutch horticulture. The officials should be inspired by the tours and understand how they can contribute to strategic goal developments in their own agricultural sector.


For more information, please contact Niek Botden.