Indonesia: Win-win partnerships for vocational schools and the agro-industry

Modern value chains are replacing traditional production supply chains in the agro-food sector. Increasingly, the focus is shifting towards sustainability, food safety, technology and data, increased production with less input, collaboration, and food security. This sector needs workers and entrepreneurs who can contribute to these developments, and to do that they need to be equipped with 21st-century skills and competencies. Indeed, the nature of these developments means there are plenty of opportunities arising in this sector for young entrepreneurs.


An Indonesian-Dutch consortium consisting of Wageningen University, IPB, VEDCA, HollandDoor, Zone College, and Van Hall Larenstein have joined forces and set up a program that will empower Indonesian vocational schools. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to meet the (future) needs of the labor market. This will enable them to play a proactive role in these developments, increase their employment opportunities, but also develop key entrepreneurial skills.


In the coming 10 months, we’ll conduct an intensive program for teachers and principals from 10 selected vocational schools to meet the above-mentioned goal. The Indonesia Ministry of Education, Directorate Vocational Education, selected these schools, in the hope that they become centers of excellence in their regions. It goes without saying that the “world of work” and private sector companies will be invited to play a large role in these programs.


For the launching ceremony we published a short teaser. See:


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