Lur Berri cooperative from France studies Dutch agri-cooperatives

Sovat Agri Pass asked HollandDoor to organize a four-day study tour program for the Lur Berri Cooperative Group from the Bordeaux region of France, which took place from Sunday the 4th until Wednesday the 7th of September 2022.


The 10-person Lur Berri delegation consisted of young farmers and growers as well as members of the board of this large agri-cooperative. The study tour was part of a comprehensive internal management training program and involved potential future cooperative managers and directors.


The objective of the tour was to transfer knowledge and inspire the delegation with lessons learned in Dutch cooperatives and innovative farms in the dairy, arable farming and horticulture sectors – activities that Lur Berri is also involved in.


Some of the themes that the program focused on include high-tech greenhouse vegetable and flower production, vegetable breeding, grain import and export, global trends, dairy and pork meat strategies, and environmental and social issues. These themes were highlighted during visits to numerous venues, including Floriade and Amsterdam.


The delegation was very pleased with the intensive and inspiring program, which spoke to their demands and preferences.


For more information, please contact Niek Botden or Maarten Heijne.