Linking agricultural cooperatives and the market in Cambodia

Linking agricultural cooperatives with the private sector and the market is high on the agenda of the Cambodian government. In November 2022, HollandDoor organized and guided a high-level government delegation on this theme during a study tour in the Netherlands. The delegation included representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Rural Development and the Agricultural Rural Development Bank. The varied program included visits to Royal Flora Holland (Aalsmeer), World Horti Center, Booij Kaasmakers, Rabobank, Flower Auction Plantion, Novifarm, CZAV, Royal Cosun and Aeres University of Applied Sciences.


The study tour was part of the multi-year “Cambodia Agriculture Sector Diversification Project“ (CASDP), which is partly funded by the World Bank. CASDP promotes a commercially viable and resilient agriculture sector in Cambodia by supporting and facilitating the sector to diversify. One of the key dimensions of diversification concerns strengthening the position of agricultural cooperatives and linking them to national and international markets. This was the focus of the study tour. The Netherlands has a rich history when it comes to cooperatives and has a lot to offer to those interested in going down this route. In addition to visiting various cooperatives during the study tour, the functioning of the so-called Dutch diamond model (interrelations between the government, research and education, the private sector, and civil society) was one of the key learning points of the week.


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