Zonguldak Province of Turkey visits Dutch horticulture to develop “Greenhouse Specialized Industry Zone”

Western Black Sea Region Development Agency (Bakka) requested HollandDoor to organize a dedicated intensive three-day study tour program for a delegation of high-ranking officials from Zonguldak Province, Turkey. They visited the Netherlands from Sunday 8 December until Tuesday 10 December 2019. The delegation consisted of 14 participants from various major governmental organizations and private companies from the region and was led by Mr. Erdoğan Bektaş, governor of Zonguldak and Mr. Dr. Ömer Selim Alan, Mayor of Zonguldak City.


Zonguldak is initiating a “Greenhouse Specialized Industry Zone” of about 55 ha. located in the district of Çaycuma. The objective of the study tour was to inspire the delegation especially regarding various concepts of advanced energy management on both the greenhouse and cluster level. The tour was used as input for the further development of a business plan for the zone. The target is to develop a unique value proposition for national and international investors who want to develop their company in the special zone.


During the three days, various leading companies and institutes in the Dutch greenhouse horticultural sector were visited. A number of lectures were also given in which the subject was discussed in more depth.


At the end of the tour, the delegation expressed its appreciation for the developed tour program. Participants judged it to be of very high quality and well connected to their needs. The delegation went home late Tuesday evening, exhausted but satisfied!


For more information, please contact Niek Botden.