Jordanian experts notice the power of collaboration

As part of the two-year Nuffic training program for experts from Jordan, HollandDoor organized (in late October 2021) a nine-day ‘inspiration’ tour to the Netherlands – the first one following a long period of COVID-19 restrictions. The tour was organized with the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association (JAEA) and funded by Nuffic.


Twenty-one experts from the private sector and educational institutes in Jordan visited various stakeholders in the Dutch horticultural sector. The group made one clear conclusion: the reasons why the Dutch are successful in this horticultural sector is the cooperation that exists between growers themselves, between growers and the educational community and between growers and other stakeholders. This, in combination with their entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and to work market driven.


Indeed, Dutch growers cooperate in a variety of areas: knowledge sharing, joint purchasing, joint marketing and sales, joint logistics, joint infrastructure and research – to mention but a few. Working in these collaborative models offers farmers increased production potential and market access against lower costs and risks. This is becoming more relevant than ever.


But more subjects were addressed during this week:

  • Hydroponic cultivation techniques and strategies, and the importance of record keeping
  • The importance of Food safety, IPM, Biological control
  • Marketing & trade
  • The importance of partnerships between (vocational) education and the private sector


On behalf of the group and HollandDoor, we would like to thank the various companies who opened their doors to us: Tomatoworld, Westlandpeppers, World Horti Center, Flower Auction, Barendse Gerbera's, Yuverta, Lentiz, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Koppert Biological Systems, Groen Agro Control, Jungheim Tree Nurseries, Veiling Zaltbommel, So Unique, Van der Burg Peppers, Dry Hydroponics, Phood Pharm, SBB and Eosta Trading.


With a list of inspirational ideas, and even more important, with back-home action plans, the experts and the JAEA continue the process to develop effective joint training programs for Jordanian farmers.


For more information please contact Engelie Beenen.