During a career of more than 30 years in agriculture and horticulture, I have acquired knowledge and experience regarding many types of agriculture and food production, ranging from pig and poultry husbandry to tree nurseries, mushroom growing and horticulture. After receiving my master's degree in soil science and plant nutrition from Wageningen University in 1983, I worked for 20 years in the field of fertilization and plant nutrition. During that time I was managing director of the Nutrient Management Institute (NMI) at Wageningen for 10 years. While in that position, I also obtained a master's degree in business administration.


In 2006 I switched to a career in innovation consultancy in agriculture & food business and from there I moved on to new business development. Over the years I became an expert on subjects such as biobased and circular economy, sustainable waste and energy management, metropolitan agriculture (urban farming), and animal welfare. I also have extensive experience with the often emotional debate between the general public and the ever intensifying agricultural sector. Nowadays in the Netherlands, I work on projects for local food production in order to shorten the supply chain. 


My strength lies in the ability to combine my in-depth agricultural knowledge with my expertise in management and innovation consultancy. Through my extensive network I can help you to find the right business partners and/or the most interesting farms and companies to visit during a study tour. By sharing my knowledge with you, I hope to contribute to the development of sustainable and socially acceptable food production all over the world.   

Ruud Pothoven


+31 6 55173225