I received my Master degree in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at Wageningen University in 1983. I started my career by teaching at agricultural schools. In 1987 I became an agronomist for several fertiliser companies and in 1995 I was appointed managing director of the Nutrient Management Institute (NMI) at Wageningen. While in that position, I also followed a Master study in Business Administration. In 2006 I left the field of soil science and switched to a career in innovation consultancy in the agri & food business. In 2014, I became a partner of HollandDoor. Over the years, my international activities have mainly targeted Germany and China.


I am an expert on subjects such as the biobased and circular economy, sustainable waste and energy management and metropolitan agriculture (urban farming). During my career, I have developed broad expertise on several types of agricultural production, ranging from pig and poultry husbandry to arboriculture, mushroom growing and horticulture.


My strength is in combining my in-depth agricultural knowledge with my expertise in management and innovation consultancy. My aim is use my extensive network to help you find the right business partners and knowledge in the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sectors. You can have the fullest of confidence in me as your reliable partner in the development of your company. Together we can work on developing sustainable and socially acceptable food production methods.   


Ruud Pothoven


+31 6 55173225