Impressive opening of Center of Excellence, Baramati

On 2 November 2017, the Maharashtra Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Vegetables, built at KVK, Baramati, was officially opened by a group of high-ranking Indian and Dutch officials, witnessed by thousands of farmers. The opening was impressive with over 4,000 guests celebrating this milestone event in Indian horticulture. Click here for a video.
HollandDoor was involved during the entire project (and remains so in the future) and has been responsible for the CoE staff training. The objective was to train the CoE staff in using new Dutch greenhouse technology and to implement new cultivation techniques.
In the past years HollandDoor facilitated also a few incoming missions related to the CoE project, such as the visit of a delegation of the government of Maharashtra, chaired by Mr. Sharad Pawar, former Agricultural minister of India.
The CoE project is part of the "National Action Plan of Indo-Dutch Cooperation on horticulture". The CoE is a complete customized design using Dutch greenhouse technology. For a video of the Centre click here.

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