My passion for the agri sector started while I was growing up between sugar beet, flower bulbs, fruit trees and dairy cows. In my childhood I was already busy marketing the produce grown on my father’s farms. I have never lost my interest for all things farming! 


The unifying theme in my career is strengthening the position of farmers through business innovations, linking farmers to markets, improving supply chains and sustainability. One example is setting-up a local-to-local farmers’ cooperative.  My industry experience is invaluable in my current position as a consultant, program manager and trainer. Clients can rely on my specialism in identifying market needs, managing training programs, marketing and bridging gaps between stakeholders. I like diverse cultures and have experience in America, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


Although I have a Bachelor degree in plant production and a Master degree in International Marketing and Management, I still continue to follow technological and organisational innovations in our dynamic sector. I recently completed a study in canvas business modelling and different courses in inclusive business. This makes me a multidisciplinary partner who can support you in your strategic or operational ambitions.