I''m originally from Haarlem in the Netherlands, I now live in New York, USA. I specialize in private sector development, particularly in agro-business, food and market systems, and project management. Over the years, I've worked across the EU, USA, Middle East, and Africa, gaining experience in government, finance and consulting. 
My main passion is unlocking opportunities for business owners and their communities in emerging economies. As a seasoned business consultant, I understand the challenges that these businesses face, which is why I advocate for a comprehensive approach to private sector development that takes into consideration environmental, social and governance factors. 
Prior to this role, I worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ran a business consulting office in the Middle East for six years. There I led numerous short-term capacity building projects and substantial development initiatives in the agriculture sector. As an affiliated partner at HollandDoor, I'm hoping to use some of this expertise and work with you to make a meaningful impact on agro-food development.


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