With CowSignals® at the Dairy & Agri Expo in Punjab

In early February 2023, HollandDoor was at the Dairy & Agri Expo in Ludhiana, organized by the Progressive Dairy Farmers Association (PDFA) from Punjab. The Dairy & Agri Expo is a highly professional trade exhibition. It has a large agri-fair and several cow competitions featuring Holstein cows, Jersey cows, and two buffalo breeds. This exhibition is comparable to the former NRM trade exhibition in the Netherlands and even some Holstein shows in Germany. Next year, we hope to organize, together with the Dutch Embassy, a Holland Pavilion with five to ten companies from the Netherlands. This year’s exhibition already featured several Dutch companies among the more than 150 exhibitors, including Trouw Nutrition, DSM Nutritional Products, Uniform-Agri Software, Advanta Seeds, CRV Genetics, and HollandDoor with CowSignals®.


During the trip to Punjab, HollandDoor attended two workshops with dairy farmers in Ludhiana and in Chandigarh. Ad Merks explained the possibilities of the CowSignals® concept with its focus on cow health and cow welfare. During the practical training, he gave examples of feed, water, light, air, rest, and space. These topics converge in what is called the CowSignals® Diamond. By using this concept, cows can live longer, have more lactations, and produce more milk. The farmer will be able to keep more cows healthy by preventing diseases and breaking out of tunnel vision. Some workshops were held on a farm with Holstein cows, while others featured Sahiwal and Gir cows.


You can visit the website www.cowsignals.com for more information about practical workshops and educational videos or books. The CowSignals® concept is an excellent tool for Train the Trainers programs. It has been recommended by professional consultants all over the world. We also use this concept in agricultural schools for teachers and students in Africa and Asia.
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For online or onsite training possibilities in India by HollandDoor, please contact Ad Merks.


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