DS Group India searches Dutch joint-business partner to produce essential flower oils.

Early 2015, Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group / www.dsgroup.com) from India approached HollandDoor to assist in their search for a Dutch joint-business development partner.  


DS Group is a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate and has a strong presence in high growth sectors such as food & beverages, hospitality, mouth fresheners & tobacco among others. Currently, DSGroup is buying essential flower oils, which it needs as ingredient for their products, on the free market in mainly India. These essential flower oils can be, for example rose, and jasmine oil. DSGroup group wants to vertical integrate the start of their supply chains to have more control on continuity, quality and innovation in essential oil production. 


DSGroup group concluded that it has not the capacity nor the ambition to realize essential flower oil production themselves. However they can facilitate with land availability and secure sales. DSGroup requested HollandDoor to search for a Dutch joint-business development partner who wants to realize large scale flower production for essential oils.


For the past 6 months HollandDoor has realized a detailed Dutch partner profile and continued with making long- and shortlists. Via various meetings combined with a visit of DSGroup to Holland, some potential partners were found. Currently, the possibility of joint-business development is being researched.

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