Georgian farmers and cooperatives acquaint with Dutch strawberry and vegetables value chains

CARE International in the Caucasus, supports farmers from the western part of Georgia by introducing modern agricultural practices and it stimulates cooperative models. These activities are being funded by the European Union (ENPARD-Georgia) and the Austrian Development Agency. Within the program, HollandDoor organized an intensive study tour in the Netherlands for a group of farmers and cooperative members in order to get acquainted with the strawberry and vegetables sector as well as the Dutch cooperative agribusiness.


From September the 18th till the 21st seven Georgian farmers, one advisor and two CARE International project managers, were given impressions and inspiration by visiting farmers and supply companies in the Westland, Brabant, Limburg and Utrecht. Most attention was paid to the strawberry (open field and greenhouses) and vegetables cultivation (conventional and organic). Among the visited companies were six strawberry and vegetables farmers in the south of the Netherlands as well as Demokwekerij WestlandMeteor SystemsRijk ZwaanBVB Substrates and strawberry nursery Peter Neessen & Zonen. The visitors were very curious on how Dutch farmers collaborate. Nautilus Cooperative and the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO) appeared to be extremely inspiring examples of how individual farmers join forces and create power.


Since 2014 HollandDoor has been involved in the agricultural sector in Georgia and has built a relationship with the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA) and other stakeholders. This study tour fits in the long term effort of HollandDoor to support the agricultural development in Georgia by means of knowledge exchange.


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