Feeding Indian expanding cities

Every year in October, the Dutch consulate in Mumbai organizes the “Holland meets Mumbai” event. The population of India is growing, whereas the available agricultural land is not increasing, water and other inputs are getting scarce and more expensive and consumers are requesting a diverse, healthy, safe, quality and year round supply of fruit and vegetables. How to feed the Indian population in the coming decades?
HollandDoor was invited by the Dutch consulate to give a keynote lecture, titled “Feeding Indian expanding cities. Is vertical farming a tool or a goal?”. Objective of the lecture, addressed also on behalf of Van Hall Larenstein, University of applied sciences, was to create awareness and understanding of different horticultural cultivation methods from low- to high-tech of which vertical farming is one of them. In the audience, agriculture, real-estate development, investors and Dutch and Indian government were represented and also many students from WE-School participated. Interesting group discussions took place.

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