AgroTie, a new center of horticultural expertise in Bangalore, India

After a long period of preparation, exchange of ideas, exploring the needs of the market, recruiting staff, visits to the Netherlands, and planning by a board of experts, the construction of an innovative practical training and service center for the horticultural sector in Bangalore is on its way.This training and service center, called AgroTie, is a private sector initiative, with the clear mission to strengthen the economical perspective of farmers and rural communities in Karnataka. AgroTie will offer inspiration, innovation and ecological and financial improvements for these rural communities by disseminating  knowledge, practical skills and advice, establishing collaborative groups between farmers, and providing supplies and demonstrations of innovative techniques.


HollandDoor recently started to train the newly recruited staff of AgroTie. The staff of the company AgroStar also participates in this program. Nuffic, AgroTie and AgroStar fund the program.Several aspects of greenhouse cultivation will be covered during this multiple-week training course. HollandDoor selected trainers from the Netherlands, but also makes use of the expertise of the CoE Baramati, which was trained a year and a half ago in the cultivation of vegetables in modern greenhouses. Further support to this initiative is given by some experts from PUM.


The AgroTie center is going to offer all kinds of services and invites national and international companies to participate. Several Dutch and Indian suppliers, advisory organizations and a financial institution have already expressed their interest in joining the AgroTie location near Bangalore. It will be a unique location capable of reaching many farmers.


Suppliers or service providers that are interested in participating in this initiative or would like to know what this platform and location have to offer them are invited to mention their interest to Namita Gurudas of AgroTie Bangalore.


For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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