South Korean growers receive intensive tour and training program

Aeres received a large group of South Korean strawberry and tomato growers as well as dairy farmers for a tailor-made tour and training program. Agriprogress was sub-contracted by Aeres to organize the horticultural part of the program and requested HollandDoor to develop a tailor-made study tour and training program for the strawberry and tomato farmers. 
HollandDoor facilitated the program with three plenary tailor-made training sessions in the mornings in which cultivation theory and skills were refreshed and upgraded. In the afternoon, several locations were visited. In combination with the 3-day plenary program, a 1-day parallel program was also organized for the strawberry and tomato farmers to bring more focus on the specific crops and background of the involved farmers. 
HollandDoor received very positive feedback from the trainees about the program organized for them.
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