Precision Farming study tour for Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association of large international agricultural companies, suppliers of agricultural equipment and production means and private persons with a special interest for international agriculture.


Danish Farmers Abroad visited the Netherlands in February 2019 on a study tour, organized by HollandDoor, entitled “Precision Farming”. The group of 29 farmers, who are farming on 200,000 ha in different locations in Eastern Europe, gathered information on this topic in the real world. The tour started with an enthusiastic introduction by potato farmer Jacob van den Borne, who informed the group about precision farming and usage of drones within the potato production. The group then visited companies like Agrifac, AgroVision, Eurofins-Agro and the Dronewerkers, gaining practical information about precision spraying, crop data learning, soil analyses and working with drones.


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