Integrated pest management training in Sri Lanka

On behalf of Lentiz, HollandDoor organized, for the second year, a series of workshops on Integrated Pest Management in Sri Lanka. The five workshops are organized by the Department of Agriculture in Sri Lanka in close cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Colombo and the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in India. The implementing body of this workshop is Lentiz Course and Consult in the Netherlands; full coordination is in the hands of HollandDoor.


The course assists the public (GAP officers) and private stakeholders (extension officers) and other participants to improve their attitude, knowledge and skills to train or provide advice in theory as well as in practice on integrated pest management and food safety.


The emphasis of the workshop is on how to prevent pests and diseases. Prevention comes before pest control, and should be implemented before the pest becomes harmful. When preventive practices do not work, mechanical, cultural, and biological pest control practices can be implemented before resorting to chemical control.


Participants enhanced their ability to prevent, identify and solve problems involving integrated pest management and food safety. The workshops entail a mix of lectures, discussions, group work, excursions, fieldwork and assessment. Private companies are also involved in these workshops. During the first series, experts from Koppert Biological Control India explained the role of biological control and also how to treat fall armyworms in maize. Workshops are given between March and June 2019.


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