Vietnamese farmers focus on climate smart horticulture

A group of six farmers from southern Vietnam visited the Netherlands and conducted a full-week study tour on the theme ‘climate smart horticulture’. Business Support Application Service Co., Ltd (BSAS) in Ho Chi Minh City took the initiative and organised the study tour, aiming to promote international trade and partnerships through exposure to Dutch knowledge and technology.


The six farmers are active in rice and vegetables production in the southern, tropical part of Vietnam and some of them adhere to organic production standards. All of them were eager to have exposure to high-tech and low-/middle-tech horticulture technology in protected cultivation and to cooperative marketing and distribution systems. The study tour included visits to flower auction Flora Holland, World Horti Center, various greenhouses with flowers, ornamental plants and vegetables in the Westland region, a strawberry and a mushroom farm in the south, Fresh Park Venlo and organic farms in Flevoland. After visiting the Keukenhof in Lisse, the participants terurned home fully satisfied and determined to keep the lines of communication open with the Dutch horticulture sector. 


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