Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture continues to study Dutch horticulture

In 2018, HollandDoor organized three day-long tailor-made study tours for the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh on themes such as “Mechanized Cropping”; “Vegetable Grading” and “Fruit production and processing”.These 2018 tours organized by Kernel International, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and HollandDoor, were highly appreciated and resulted in new study tours in spring 2019. However, tour duration was increased to at least two days.


In April, a two-day study tour was organized around the theme “Improved irrigation and water management technology”. The group visited several farms and looked at soil cultivation and various hydroponic cultivation systems as well as soilless systems such as DFT (Deep Flow Technique) and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). Attention was also paid to crop cultivation in saline soils, which is an increasing problem in Bangladesh’s river deltas.


In May another two-day tour was organized around the theme “IPM, impact of climate change and possibilities of floating agriculture”. During this tour, state-of-the-art biological and chemical-based crop protection techniques were shown in full organic as well as more conventional production systems.


The general objective of these tailor-made study tours is to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of Dutch agribusiness, especially Dutch horticulture. The officials should be inspired by the tours and understand how they can contribute to strategic goal developments in their own agricultural sector development.


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