Next steps in the development of the tomato area in Narayangaon, India

In May eight stakeholders (farmer, traders, government employees, and consultants) related to the Narayangaon APMC market visited the Netherlands (read more). During this trip, they were inspired by several aspects of the Dutch tomato value chain. Improving hygiene in the sector was the first action point after they went home. Now, the second step is the development of a completely new pack house and distribution center with automated sorting and grading facilities.


The area around the city of Narayangaon in Maharashtra is one of the larger tomato production areas in India with 50,000 Ha dedicated to tomato production. In the period March–November, daily around 6000 tons of tomatoes are supplied to the local Narayangaon APMC market, of which more than 1,000 tons/day are manually graded and packed. These tomatoes are traded to different parts of India (e.g. Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gujarat) and abroad (e.g. the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan). Increasing efficiency and quality is the proposed next step of the stakeholders of this APMC market.


They asked HollandDoor to longlist potential suppliers of sorting and grading equipment, as well as consultancy companies that could help them with the functional and technical design, including a feasibility study for a new pack house and distribution center. HollandDoor consulted many organizations to investigate their interest, what they could offer and their expertise and provided the project coordinator with a list of potential partners. Decisions about the next steps will be made in the coming period.


The activities described are part of a multi-year project to professionalize the tomato sector in Narayangaon. The coordinating and implementing body is ETC Consultancy in Bangalore. We want to thank ETC for its trust in our services, as well as AFC Consultancy which was willing to fund these activities.


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