Jordan: Strengthening vocational education to bolster employment opportunities, innovation, and food security

The Agri-Food sector is an important source of growth, employment, and entrepreneurship for Jordan’s economy. However, for the sector to reach its full potential it needs well educated, skilled young employees and entrepreneurs. Skilled young people are also essential for filling the labor market.

The project 'Jordan's Horticulture: A business that matters' is one way of meeting this need. One of the goals of this project is to help empower two selected vocational schools with the latest insights and expertise in technical subjects as well as in innovative, didactical methods.


Between November 2020 and February 2021, we started with 10 online sessions for teachers from the Al-Farouk boys’ school and Al Zamalieh girls’ school. This empowers the teachers to better offer competence-based education, identify labor market needs, and help students solve agro-food challenges and in collaborative, communicative, and critical thinking skills.

In the coming sessions, we plan to strongly focus this program on enhancing students’ entrepreneurial skills and innovative technical knowledge, as well as establishing partnerships between the education sector and the private sector (e.g. for curriculum advice, assessment guidelines, traineeships, guest lectures, and projects). We all fully believe that sector development and a strong education go hand in hand.


Going forward, we will keep you updated on the progress of our project activities. This goes beyond our activities with the vocational schools and includes many activities to enhance the protected cultivation sector. This Nuffic-funded project is coordinated by HollandDoor Cooperative and the Jordan Agricultural Engineers’ Association.

For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen

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