Indonesia: Strengthen students' entrepreneurial skills

The agrofood sector is evolving fast with new technologies and innovations, while society’s food habits, preferences and requirements are changing on a global and local level. This sector needs young people who can recognize commercial opportunities and people who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to act on these developments. Indonesia’s Ministry of Education has recognized and prioritized the need for students with entrepreneurial skills.


In our current two-year, Nuffic-funded program, we pay close attention to how teachers can stimulate students’ entrepreneurial skills. Series of workshops focused on analyzing developments, recognizing opportunities, developing sound business plans, and marketing and finance. Entrepreneurship is the capacity to not only start companies but also think creatively and ambitiously, as well as how to benefit from these developments and opportunities.


The online workshops are conducted by HAS University and VHL teachers, who worked alongside Master Trainers from Bbppmpv Pertanian Kemdikbud, VEDCA, IPB University and Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) to create training programs for teachers from IKATAN ALUMNI SMKN 1 SAKRA/SMT PERTANIAN NEGERI SAKRA Smkn 1 Kuripan and SMKPP Mataram.


VEDCA’s Master Trainers were finally able to conduct a multiple-day entrepreneurship and business plan development program on the ground in Lombok. Private sector entrepreneurs were invited to assess these business plans.


For more information, contact Engelie Beenen

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