Shanghai teachers respond enthusiastically to webinars

Teachers at the Shanghai Vocational School in China are responsible for educating their students based on the latest insights of modern and sustainable horticultural production. To update these teachers on the latest developments, HollandDoor is conducting ten appealing webinars on various subjects. Subjects include “Production technology for seedlings,” “Integrated Pest Management,” “Greenhouse logistics,” “Irrigation & fertigation,” and “Fruit growing.”


On average, 50 teachers have attended each of these online lessons from a classroom in Shanghai. The webinars, sponsored by Lentiz International Education and Training, are being delivered by HollandDoor throughout the summer and fall. According to Lentiz, so far the teachers have responded enthusiastically to the webinars.


For more information about online horticulture lessons and/or training in China, please contact: Geerten van der Lugt and Niek Botden.



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