Training program in Jordan has entered a new phase

The Nuffic-funded training program “Jordan's Horticulture: A business that matters” has just started its second phase. It involves training in the fields of hydroponics, aquaponics, integrated pest management and value chain management for the final target group in Jordan: farmers and other stakeholders.


In the past two years, we have provided regular updates via our newsletters about the training courses that HollandDoor offered, in collaboration with the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association, to a group of selected “master trainers” in Jordan. Eighteen experts from Jordan expanded their knowledge during training courses on aspects of cultivation and value chain management and through a mission to the Netherlands. Subsequently, they launched the first of a series of training courses for farmers.


The hydroponic training addresses a variety of topics, such as:


  • how to introduce hydroponic systems, what their features are, and what obstacles to look out for;
  • how to introduce soilless growing media;
  • how to design and implement a hydroponic system and the crops grown in it;
  • how to design and implement a drip irrigation system in various soilless media;
  • the specifications of irrigation water and how to prepare a nutrient solution; and
  • highlights on aquaponics systems.


Modern training center JAEA

The farmer courses consist of a theoretical part in addition to field applications at the modern JAEA Training Station in the Jordan Valley. In recent months, this station was equipped with several modern hydroponic and aquaponic systems derived from Jordanian suppliers, which makes the systems more accessible to the sector.


The coming months will be dominated by a series of training courses for growers and other stakeholders in Jordan, but there will also be courses to reinforce vocational education and a contest for students. Follow for more news and the latest updates.


For more information please contact Engelie Beenen.


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