Jordan: impressed by the future agro-engineers

Enthusiastic, creative, knowledgeable and energetic: these are some of the characteristics of the young students we got to know from the Al-Farouq and Al Zamalieh vocational schools in Jordan.
Practical workshops
In late March, comprehensive workshops were held for a group of more than 40 students of agriculture on three topics: Hydroponic techniques; Integrated pest management; and Value chain management. The training event was held at the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association station for research and training and facilitated by three trainers: Alaa Abu Ali from the #Hydroponics team, Alaa Batayneh from the #IPM team and Lana Abu Nowar from the #VCM team. They not only focused on theory but also provided technical training. In addition, they devoted special attention to specific aspects of interest for the participants. The Master Trainers were happy to see how the participants interacted and impressed by their enthusiasm as they planned their futures as agricultural engineers.
Student challenge
In April, we organized workshops at both schools and challenged students to think about solutions for problems in the sector and to think about business opportunities for the production sector. After an introduction by Toon Keijsers from the HAS University of Applied Sciences and Engelie Beenen from HollandDoor, and under the guidance of the staff of these schools, the students brainstormed in small groups about sector opportunities and solutions for problems. All staff, Dutch experts and invitees were impressed by these young students’ creativity, smart ideas, and enthusiasm. Moreover, their presentation skills, their motivation, and the way they used the knowledge they had acquired from earlier workshops held at the station were inspiring. The students are currently fleshing out their ideas, and in the coming period a special day will be organized where these students can present these ideas to a jury. We’ll keep you updated..

For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen.


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