Setting up agri-food industrial parks in Cambodia

The Cambodian government, which intends to set up agri-food industrial parks in the country, decided to travel to the Netherlands to familiarize itself with different industrial park concepts. In June 2022, HollandDoor supported and guided a high-level governmental and private sector delegation during visits to Fresh Park VenloGreenport AalsmeerDutch Fresh Port (Ridderkerk and Barendrecht), the Port of Rotterdam and the Westland region. A meeting with the Netherlands Food Partnership was also on the agenda.


The Netherlands has a lot to offer when it comes to complex networks and concepts for food production, processing, and distribution. Think of many small industrial zones near cities that focus on agri-food, as well as the greenport areas that are spread throughout the country. Getting acquainted with these agri-food park concepts provided the Cambodian delegation with a great deal of new knowledge and insights, which will hopefully help it develop the country’s first agri-food industrial park.


The study tour was part of the multi-year program called “Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program” (CAVAC), which is funded by the Australian government. CAVAC promotes a commercially viable and resilient agriculture sector in Cambodia. The sector will contribute to inclusive economic growth by increasing competitiveness, both domestically and internationally. One of CAVAC’s aims is to build an agro-industry that produces better quality and high-value products in a business environment that promotes international competitiveness. Against that background, one of the sub-projects is developing the agri-food industrial park concept in the Cambodian context.


For more information, please contact Jos Leeters.


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