Indonesia network event

In June 2022, a large delegation of policymakers from the Ministry of Education In Indonesia, officials from the future vocational Centre of Excellence, and education professionals were visiting the Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was exposure to the Dutch experience in addressing key challenges in the agri-food sector, such as training future agri-food professionals.


The rapidly developing agri-food sector In Indonesia is generating new and transformative partnerships between the education sector and the business community, which will benefit all parties involved. Dutch companies operating in Indonesia, and Dutch professionals in the education sector who are interested in working with Indonesian educational institutes, met the delegation and discussed partnerships at the networking event on the afternoon of Friday, June 17.


The event is part of two programs funded by Nuffic and implemented by HollandDoor and consortium partners, the HAS University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University and Research, Zone college, VHL University, Yuverta and Lentiz. The programs are being launched In Indonesia and aim to revitalize the country's vocational education system.


For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen.


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