Jordan: A Training of Trainers program comes to an end

After two years training, of 16 Master Trainers and members of the Jordan Agricultural Engineers Association (JAEA), this Nuffic-funded HollandDoor program is coming to an end.


During these two years, the program covered many aspects of agriculture and held many training sessions: Which hydroponic systems are feasible in Jordan? What are critical aspects in managing hydroponic cultivation systems in terms of climate conditions, water management, fertigation, crop handling and types of substrates? The hydroponic team demonstrated 12 different hydroponic systems in the greenhouse at the JAEA training center in the Jordan Valley, each of which required different levels of investment, cultivation complexity and financial feasibility.


Other crucial aspects were also covered in these two years: For example, the importance of plant health and Integrated Pest Management at the farm level, but also how farmers secure better market positions by responding to the needs and developments in the market with use of effective marketing plans.


The Master Trainers converted the knowledge and expertise they gained into training programs for farmers. Ultimately, they achieved an impressive result: from May onwards, they trained over 800 farmers and approximately 240 students through several online and field sessions!


We ended the program with a meeting with JAEA’s new board in which we discussed the needs of Jordan’s horticultural sector. Farmers are likely to need further support and guidance to overcome the challenges facing this sector. Although we can look back on an intensive but fruitful program, we also look forward to sustaining our partnership with JAEA and the different organizations in Jordan.


For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen.


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