Strong vocational education drives growth

Indonesian delegation on study tour to learn from the Dutch (vocational) education system in the agro-sector.


For many years, Indonesia has attached great importance to strengthening (agricultural) secondary vocational education, which is seen to drive the economy in terms of growth, jobs and food security. 

For several years now, as the project leader, we have been involved in various projects to revitalize aspects of this education system that are in demand in the labor market.

Think of better cooperation with the private sector, for example, as well as entrepreneurship, problem-solving skills, and innovation in the horticulture and poultry sectors.


As part of these programs, a delegation of Master Trainers, principals of vocational schools and government officials from the Ministry of Education visited various organizations in the Netherlands.


Inspiration came from different directions:

  • Dutch teachers used a didactical approach to stimulate students to take responsibility and solve actual sector problems in groups, without intervening too much in the process.
  • In the middle of vocational education and industry, is a specialized organization called SBB, that provided accredited internships, workplace coaching, but also (based on market needs) job profiles for the qualification structure. This visit was very valuable and will receive a follow-up in Indonesia.
  • The principals visited a knowledge and innovation center (the World Horti Center) where vocational education, applied research and 100 private sector companies joined forces under one roof. One of the Indonesian principals was already thinking about a similar setup in his region.
  • An incubator center encouraged entrepreneurship for vocational graduates.
  • The vocational institute Clusius College offered five internship places for Indonesian students. This will receive a follow-up in the near future.
  • The fact that so many students already had a job when they graduated.


The group took many more ideas back home, which will inspire them to develop new activities in the coming period.

This program was organized with the support of Has University of Applied Sciences, Zone College, Wageningen University & Research, Van Hall Larenstein, Yuverta, Lentiz, Clusius, NFP and several private sector companies.


Interested in strengthening vocational education in your country?

Please contact Engelie Beenen.


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