Korean CNU students visit Dutch greenhouse horticulture for a month

Chonnam National University (CNU) from South Korea asked HollandDoor to organize a 1-month tailor-made training event in the Netherlands for a group of 19 horticultural students, most of whom are planning to graduate soon. The group arrived on Sunday, Sept 18, 2022 and departed on Sunday October 16, 2022 after having stayed for a full month in 6 rental holiday houses. 


An intensive demand-driven program was designed and implemented by Mr. Gyu Hyeon Park of CNU and Mr. Niek Botden of HollandDoor. Where possible, the program was adapted to students’ changing preferences as the training progressed. On most days, the program was set up to provide either classroom training or workshops in the morning and 2 field visits in the afternoon.


Some of the themes that were highlighted include plant physiology, cultivation systems, techniques and planning, greenhouse climate monitoring, control and interactions with plant growth, IPM, HRM, and company and chain management. 


During the 20 training days, the group attended 21 lectures and went on 27 field trips to various greenhouse companies (vegetables, herbs, and floriculture), fruit & tree cultivation companies and various suppliers, research and education centers.


The students gave high scores for the training content and facilitation and returned home loaded with new knowledge and experiences, which will undoubtedly inspire them during their professional careers.


For more information, please contact Niek Botden.


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