New Zealand Frost Fans to blow its way into Dutch fruit sector

On request of New Zealand Frost Fans (NZFF), HollandDoor organized an intensive, two-day business matchmaking program on October 17-18, 2022, for Mr. Chris Kay (Manager of Marketing & Business Development) and Mr. Andrew Roff (Manager of International Sales).


NZFF produces the FrostBoss® wind machines, which are used to protect crops from frost damage and homogenize the climate in orchards. NZFF is one of the global market leaders in the production and sale of this technology through their companies in New Zealand and Australia or via local distributors in rest of the world.


The main objective was to get an idea of the feasibility of using NZFF in the Dutch and North-West European fruit sector as protection against frost damage and for homogenizing (including cooling) the climate in orchards.


During the two-day tour, the visitors met several potential dealers and knowledge partners, and discussed in-depth technical, environmental, legal, and financial topics, including possibilities for working together.


The delegation was very pleased with the engaging and inspiring program. The meetings created the opportunity to network and develop new contacts, which will help to further develop market strategy.


For more information, please contact Niek Botden.


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