Supporting Georgian advisors and farmers toward improved greenhouse cultivation

Georgian company Noblex Ltd. recently hired HollandDoor to run training sessions for its staff and farmers on the topic of greenhouse management. In May 2023, HollandDoor trainers Geerten van der Lugt and Marc van Stokkum provided a practice-oriented training program in two regions in eastern Georgia, covering themes such as greenhouse climate control, fertigation, irrigation, and plant protection. Attended by a total of 50 participants, the sessions featured a combination of theoretical discussion and practical activities in the greenhouse. As a result of the program, HollandDoor has trained and inspired Noblex Ltd. staff members to deal with day-to-day horticultural challenges, which will help the company improve its productivity and income going forward.


Noblex Ltd., operating under the brand name Agrosphere, is a leading technical supplier to the horticultural industry in Georgia. The company supplies seeds, tools, and technical equipment to professional growers in Georgia and strives to modernize agricultural production. Through its team of agronomists and advisors, the company offers professional consultation to farmers, supporting their use of modern growing technology in the fruit and vegetables sector, including greenhouse cultivation. Having completed this series of training sessions with HollandDoor, Noblex Ltd. is better equipped to serve the agricultural sector.


For more information, please contact Jos Leeters.


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