HollandDoor organizes excursion for Minimaster course

Demokwekerij Westland organized in cooperation with Lentiz Cursus en Consult and HortiBedrijfsschool the course "Minimaster Technic and Maintenance Horticulture". HollandDoor was responsible for the excursions within this course. 


During the course, the new covered and heated swimmingpool Zuiderpark in The Hague was visited. During an extensive tour, the training participants could have a look at the technical operating room. HollandDoor consultant Harry Barendse mediated a discussion between the trainees and the technical managers of the swimming pool. Many similarities with water management in horticulture were found and discussed. 


In the second part of the afternoon, Aad Verduijn, another HollandDoor consultant, gave the group an extensive tour at Ter Laak Orchids with a focus on greenhouse installations which could be compared with the swimming pool operations. Click here for the press release of Demokwekerij

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