HollandDoor starts CowSignals training for dairy professionals in India

As part of the K2K (knowledge to knowledge) program in India, HollandDoor, together with the Dutch Embassy and RVO, is planning an (online) CowSignals training. Depending on the corona crisis and the travel restrictions worldwide and in India, this training will be conducted live or online in the autumn or winter of 2020. The training will be organized in cooperation with some dairy organisations and institutes in India and is meant for farmers and extension workers.  

The main topic is learning to Look-Think-Act on the dairy farm. By using the CowSignals concept, farmers will be able to improve the health and welfare of their cows by preventing diseases and breaking through tunnel visions. And when cows are healthier, efficiency will increase and costs will decrease.
The training focusses on topics such as feed, water, light, air, rest and space on the dairy farm. Different score cards or checklists for rumen fill, body condition, locomotion, fertility etc. will be used. During workshops in the barn, participants will work with groups of young stock, heifers and dry and lactating cows. Development from calf to heifer and transition from the dry period to lactation will be explained by our experts. 

We hope we can start the trainings live on the farm in India. Together with the CowSignals company, several workshops have already been prepared. These workshops are about feeding, housing and milking the cows. However, we will also demonstrate practical skills and teach participants about body condition, udder health and hoof care.

If the training must be given online, several practical videos are available and we will use an interactive platform that allows groups of around 15 people to work together. HollandDoor will organize the CowSignals training online together with the experts from the CowSignals company for India, but it is also available for dairy professionals in other countries. We can offer day courses or week-long trainings, depending on your situation and needs. Please let us know if your organisation is interested in a live or online CowSignals training for your dairy professionals (farmers or extension workers). Visit the website www.cowsignals.com for some examples with cows on the farm.
For more information, please contact Ad Merks.


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