Effect of covid-19 pandemic: how do we move forward?

With the many trainings and programs we are conducting internationally, the outbreak of Covid19 has obviously created many challenges for the implementation of our activities in the field.

Several planned visits to the Netherlands and our visits to countries like India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Benin are on hold. However, with a great deal of help from our partners in these countries, we have been able to organize the trainings and meetings online.


Examples from INDONESIA:

HollandDoor is involved in several programs that aim to support the revitalization of the Indonesian agricultural vocational education.



As we mentioned in the previous newsletter, HollandDoor and its partners Has University, Van Hall Larenstein, Zone College, CitaVerde and Lentiz are granted to implement a revitalization program funded by Nuffic.

Since the outbreak, we have been conducting a series of seven online workshops for Master Trainers from VedCa, IPB and University of Malang. They have been selected to train in the coming year(s) teachers from several SMKNs, starting with vocational schools in Lombok. The first online workshops were focusing on how to identify the needed competences of the labor market towards the graduates of vocational schools, and how to develop 'softskills' like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. This series of online workshops was implemented by the partners Van Hall Larenstein and Has University. A new series of online sessions around blended learning and entrepreuneurship is planned. 

We experienced that online trainings can work quite well and interactive sessions and good discussions are also possible. Of course we hope to meet our partners also face-to-face later this year.


Nutrient Management Trainings

A series of 14 online training sessions is started around the topics nutrient management, cultivation management and Problem Based Learning for a group of teachers of vocational institutes and some private sector stakeholders. This series of trainings will be conducted in the period July-September followed by a one-week practical training in Indonesia in October.

This training program is part of a multiple-year program called VegImpact, which is coordinated by Wageningen University and Research Center in collaboration with PMO in Indonesia and IPB.

As long as we have a good internet connection, we have found that these online sessions are a valuable supplement to the mainly face-to-face trainings we were used to giving.
For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen

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