Alentejo Region of Portugal links with Dutch horticultural research and development

On request of CH Business Consulting, HollandDoor organized a two-day intensive business matchmaking program on September 12-13, 2022, for Mr. Joao Coelho (NERBE Alentejo) and Mr. Carlos Lacerda (CH Consulting) who represent the Alentejo Region in southern Portugal. Click here to access a video that will give you a taste of this beautiful region..


Mr. Coelho and Mr. Lacerda are currently working on strengthening and promoting R&D clusters in this region, which they intend to link to their international counterparts. The clusters in question are olive oil, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits, and wine. This initiative should improve contact between institutions and enhance networks, with the aim of creating future opportunities for partnerships in terms of projects or business.


The business matchmaking program in the Netherlands focused on how the Dutch horticultural sector tries to encourage innovation and cooperation between various stakeholders, such as government, research, education, farmers, and suppliers.


The delegation visited Brightlands Venlo, Greenport West-Holland, WUR Greenhouse Horticulture, Delphy Improvement Centre, World Horti Centre, and WUR Fruit Research. An online meeting with GreenUPorta was also held.


The delegation was very pleased with the engaging and inspiring program. The meetings provided participants with a lot of food for thought, and there was plenty of opportunity to network and develop new contacts, which gave rise to further discussion.


For more information, please contact Niek Botden.


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